Omnomnom more minis!

So I made more minis, including the waffles I mentioned in my last post! So without much blabber, here are the pics (the Christmas Pudding is a trial run, cos the “icing” might not come out how I want after baking it…we’ll see!):


Ham sandwich, anyone?

Lookit what I made last weekend! I turned 30 on Saturday the 24th, and with some of my spending money from my shopping spree my amazing husband provided me with as a birthday gift, I bought some polymer clay! I was inspired by a German lady whom I found...


Recipe: Falafels

@Rat_Tails I found this recipe online: Homemade Healthy Falafels and I made it the night before last. It came out AWESOMELY!! So I share with you my shopping list for this dinner (the coloured text is direct from the recipe website): The pita side of things: Pita pockets (1...


I heart panoramic shots!

Just in case you missed them! I love panoramics and my Galaxy S3 makes them super easy to capture! Some panoramics from our Mauritius honeymoon: (click the pics to go to Photobucket and then click the magnifying glass in the bottom corner of the pic to view the larger...


Feeling great!

Check out the view I had while I was jogging yesterday! Disgusting isn’t it! Today will be my third day at gym, and thus far, I’m loving it! I was inspired to write after reading a blog post from a blog I started reading today. Yesterday, I did 10...