10 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Jale Beach

10 Beautiful Reasons to Visit Jale Beach

Jale Beach. A true hidden gem on the Albania Riviera. You’re in for a treat if you have not heard about it as a travel destination. This pristine beach is home to clear waters and spectacular soft, white sand.

Taking time to see the world is essential if you want to get the most from your life experiences. Whether you travel alone or with friends, there is always something to see. If you’re into water sports, Jale has some great options, but if you want a secluded, intimate vacation, then Jale Beach can provide it.

Jale, Albania, is home to gorgeous beaches, breathtaking ancient ruins, lush flora, and castles. If you need a list of reasons why you should visit Jale Beach, then keep reading so you can start packing your bags immediately!

Where Is Jale Beach?

Jale Beach is a hidden gem in Southern Albania along the Albanian Riviera. It’s more famously known for its pristine beaches with intensely blue azure waters. The waters here are so clear it makes a perfect spot for snorkeling and diving.

You can get to Jale beach by driving along a 3-mile road beginning in Vuno Village. This village is near the right side of the Vlora-Saranda national road.

You’ll want to visit the Albania Riveria in the summer to get the most out of the fantastic beaches and local attractions. Additionally, from July through to August, temperatures in the southern part might go as high as 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

Traveling to Jale Beach

You can book Jale Beach flights with your local travel agent. Current flight costs from the USA to Albania will set you back around $700 for a round trip.

You’ll land at Tirana International Airport; from there, you can hire transportation to Jale Beach. There are three ways to get to Jale Beach: car, bus, or shuttle.

Travel by bus is the recommended transport option, costing you between $55 – $75; however, the travel time will be around 6.5 hours, the longest of the three. A shuttle will be your most cost-effective option at about $47 and will take approximately 4 hours to arrive. If traveling by car, your travel costs will depend on the vehicle you hire.

You’ll also need to consider your accommodation for your stay, so keep reading to find some great options.

Jale Beach Accommodation

There are many accommodation options for any budget at Jale Beach, so you are spoilt for choice when staying along this beautiful half-moon crescent bay.

Let’s take a look at some of the best options below.


Jale Beach has become a popular camping site and now has proper camping locations available. In addition, they offer all the necessary services you would expect, such as recreational activities, food, accommodation, fun, and adventure tours.

If you are traveling on a budget and like adventure, then camping is probably for you. Tents are available in various sizes and come in a range of prices. For example, weekend rates are Lek 9,400 (approximately $90), and weekday rates are Lek 5,000 ($48).

Additionally, camping at Jale Beach also offers amenities like volleyball, a boat trip, snorkeling, and a hike to Gjipe Beach.

Jale Beach Hotels

Soleil Village & Villas

This boutique resort is located right on Jale Beach. It has a private beach, three restaurants, a spa, a lounge bar, and a sophisticated nightclub. Nearby attractions include Gjipe Beach (1.8 miles), Dhermi Beach (3.6 miles), and Livadhi Beach (1.8 miles). Many travelers also enjoy visiting the nearby Castle of Himara (1.6 mi). Prices range from $130 – $250 for a standard room.

Aphrodite Garden Rooms & Apartment

Located in Vlore County, approximately 1.5 miles from Jale Beach, this family hotel is a great choice when visiting Albania. Prices range from $26 – $72 for a standard room. This hotel includes complimentary breakfast, secure parking, and free wifi. If you’re traveling with pets, this hotel can accommodate you if organized in advance.

Vangjeli Hotel

Situated 1.2 miles from Jale Beach, this hotel boasts excellent views of the mountains and the sea. Nearby attractions are Gjipe Beach (3 miles), Penisola Di Porto Palermo e Castello (4.9 miles, and Livadhi Beach (0.5 miles). There is also a restaurant conveniently located right below the hotel.

Hotel Nuanti

This hotel is one of four specialty hotels in Jala and offers a complimentary breakfast, free wifi, and a bar/lounge. Prices range from $37 – $60 for a standard room.

Where to Eat?

Some hidden gems are located in and around Southern Albania if you want to nourish yourself. Let’s have a brief look at a couple of options now.

Restaurant Kapiteni

This 24-hour restaurant has been open since 1996 and serves a vast array of cuisine, enough to tickle anyone’s tastebuds, from Mediterranean to Italian, but the specialty here is the seafood. You can dine here for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, or pop through just for drinks. You’ll find free wifi, valet parking as well as outdoor seating.

Folie Marine Restaurant

Located in the Soleil Village & Villas, Folie Marine restaurant boasts Crudo and Italian pasta dishes with a unique Mediterranean flavor. You can also find three beach bars to visit, with live music and performances from famous artists and DJs worldwide.

10 Reasons to Visit Jale Beach

Now that you’ve read up on all that Jale Beach has to offer, here is a quick recap of 10 reasons to visit this spectacular destination. From hiking through the incredibly varied landscapes to taking a boat trip to see a pirates’ cave! With all this available to you, what are you waiting for?

  1. Camp under the Albanian sky.
  2. Hike to the hidden beach of Aquarium Bay.
  3. Take one of many fantastic Jale Beach tours.
  4. Visit the spectacular mountains and National Parks.
  5. Dance the night away with the local nightlife.
  6. Swim in the pristine clear water of Jale Beach.
  7. Snorkel the reefs and visit some hidden caves.
  8. Sample the mouth-watering cuisine on offer.
  9. Immerse yourself in a visit to a ruined 4th-century BC castle.
  10. Rent a sea kayak to visit secluded beaches.

Scratch That Travel Itch

With so many reasons to visit Jale Beach, there is almost no excuse not to. Jale Beach offers its tourists so much; the locals are incredibly friendly and ready to welcome you. If you enjoy camping, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking then Jale Beach is the ideal spot for your next vacation.

If you’d like to visit Jale Beach, book a flight through us, and you’ll be on your way in no time.

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