Tails Profile PhotoWho the fuck am I, anyway?

I’m an angry woman in her late thirties who needs a place to direct her rage, so this is a blog where I share what the fuck is on my mind.

Tired of not being able to have a voice in the real world, I’m choosing to put my thoughts out here in the online world (yes, I understand they are one and the same). Maybe somewhere out there, someone feels the same as I do on some topics.

40 or Bust

I’m charging on ahead towards 40, and while I used to have the “white picket fence” life, I left it all behind and started anew. Why? Well, that’s a question I ask myself on the daily, especially when the days are tougher than normal.

I am diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder, and while I’ve managed to overcome a lot of the symptoms around BPD, I still have that infernal rage that we suffer from.

I guess that’s all I can say right now while trying to remain relatively anonymous.

If you don’t like anything you read here, then I guess there are plenty of other places on the internet you can be. I take no offense.