Philodendron Brasil -

Meet my new Philodendron Brasil!

I named him Jesús, isn’t he handsome?! Just look at his bright colors!

He’s still small, but hopefully, with the bright, indirect sunlight from his spot in my bathroom, he’ll thrive enough for me to propagate many more plants from his majestic vines.

I’ve done a little bit of research on this plant, having always wanted one for their fast growing, easy propagating, and marbled coloring, so let me help you with what I’ve learned.

Philodendron Brasil Care


Plants like Jesús don’t enjoy a lot of water, so allow the top inch or two of soil to dry between waterings. A useful tip with this plant is they usually let you know when they need some water by drooping their leaves. During the colder, winter months you’ll want to water less frequently.


No direct sunlight for these fellows or their leaves will burn. They love medium to bright, indirect light for best leaf variegation. They can survive in low light however, the leaves will probably turn a more solid, deeper green instead of the beautiful variegated coloring you see in the images on this page.

Growth & Fertilising

I think I might let Jesús hang over the edge of his pot, but previously I’ve trained one up a post. They attach very easily, and they’re speedy growers when given the ideal conditions!
Fertilize them every two weeks in the Spring and Summer months, or use worm tea regularly all year round.

Philodendron Brasil Leaves -

So that’s what I’ve learnt so far, I’ll try do some update posts along the way for this guy (as well as others I might buy).

Do you have a Philodendron Brasil? Do you also name your plants? Let me know in the comments, I love a good chat!

If you’re interested in more plant care tips, I can recommend Harli G’s YouTube channel. I find her entertaining and easy to listen to, maybe you’ll enjoy her videos as well.

Meet Jesús – my new houseplant!
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