Save Your Relationship: 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Couples Retreat

Save Your Relationship: 5 Tips on How to Choose the Best Couples Retreat

A recent poll reveals that 61% of couples admit to being more intimate while on a romantic getaway, and a further 31% even went on to elope.

Romantic getaways can be a great way to put the spice back into your relationship, especially if you’re going through a rough patch. But what holiday should you choose? Are there options to choose from?

We have the answers! If you’re interested in finding a great, romantic location for your own getaway, keep reading, and we’ll tell you how to find the best couples retreat for both of you.

What Is a Couples Retreat?

The purpose of a couples retreat is time away from everyday life and where couples can spend some time alone together. If your relationship is battling, a couples retreat may be able to breathe some life back into it by helping on issues like communication, sex, intimacy, etc.

If you’re approaching a couples retreat from a therapy perspective, your retreats will include counseling sessions and other couple-building exercises. 

Benefits of a Couples Retreat

There are several benefits to going on a couples retreat. A few of our best couples retreat benefits are:

Deepened Sense of Self: A couples retreat allows you to learn more about yourself, your partner, and how each of you sees yourselves fitting into the relationship

More Alone Time: When on a couples retreat, you’re away from other friends and family, so you and your partner can focus solely on yourselves and each other

New Locations: There’s nothing that bonds a couple together more than sharing a unique experience, which you can do when you choose different retreats to attend

Valuable Relationship Skills: Couples retreats are a great way to learn new ways of communicating with each other, as trained professionals typically plan the program

How to Choose the Best Couples Retreat

Attending a couples retreat can be a worthwhile investment, so finding the right one is crucial. However, your choice will depend on your reasons for taking one. Here are our five tips for picking the best couples retreat for you and your partner.

1. Choose a COUPLE’S Retreat

Choose a retreat that focuses on couples and relationships rather than one that focuses on just the individual partners. You’re there to get closer to your partner, after all.

2. High Privacy Standards

No one wants their dirty laundry aired for the world to see, so choose a retreat that ensures things you wish to remain private are respected.

3. Consider Your Budget

When you’re desperate to save your relationship, you may be tempted to throw as much money as possible at it. However, putting yourself in debt further strains the marriage, which you could have avoided.

4. Calling On Your Higher Power

Couples getaways like this couples retreat include a spiritual aspect of marriage counseling. If calling on a higher power assists you in saving your relationship, choose a couples retreat that incorporates spirituality into their program.

5. Client-to-Therapist Ratios

The idea of a couples retreat is to get professional advice to help improve your relationship. Make sure the retreat you choose has a ratio of around 6 to 10 couples per therapist/instructor.

Find Your Best Couples Retreat Today

Marriages and relationships are not always straightforward. They can be messy and sometimes even require an outside hand to save them. However, there is no shame in seeking help to save your relationship, so by choosing together to attend, you can both have input and find the best couples retreat that works for both of you.

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